Support for UC Browser

UC browser is designed by UC Web Company and it offers easy mobile browsing services for the android platform users. UC browser offers you several amazing features and that is the reasons why users find UC browser find it the most exciting and favourable such as tab management, speed dialling service, Wi fi sharing and more. If you want to download UC browser then you can download it from Google Play Store.

UC browser customer service

UC browser is quite a popular browser among Android phone users. So the company understand that when user faces any issue with UC browser then the UC browser customer service team is always ready to help the users.

The few most talked features are

As mentioned above UC browser offers multiple features to the users. The few most talked fatures of UC browser are as following:

  • UB browser allows Customization and Themes: You can choose custom selection of browser skins from a wide range because UC browser offers you various choices and they are available from UC theme centre. You can use these skins as lock screen wallpaper as well.
  • UC browser provides background downloading: Are you one who loves to download but want no interruption in browsing? If yes, then UC should be the first choice for you. With UC browser you can download backgrounds without any interruption in your browsing and it will continue downloading even after closing the browser.
  • UC browser offers Wi-Fi Sharing: UC browser allows you to share downloaded files with other windows devices over the Wi-Fi network.
  • UC browser offers you Udisk: With UC browser you can store files at clouds and this facility is for the users to store files if you are running out of space in the devices you use. Udisk provides you a free space of 6GB storage of which 2GB is permanent and 4GB is temporary.
  • UC browser provides you preloading: With this feature of PC browser you get a seamless reading experience by pre-loading the next page while you are still reading the current page.

Other UC browser issues that UC browser customer service deals with are

UC browser is quite a popular, easy to use and strong platform. Still you may face issues with UC browser when you use it. Some of the issues that you may face and our customer service deals with are as following:

  1. You may face issue in installing UC browser. When users are facing it then they contact our customer service team which deals with it quite well.
  2. Users also ask our customer service for issues like security and privacy settings.
  3. Users often come to us for they are facing access denying issues with UC browser. The reasons for it are many such as screen size issues, unsupported browser, unavailable flash player, DRM issues, and cookies issue. If you apply few manual setting changes then you can avoid such issues.
  4. Users also face issues like UC browser performance issue, downloading issue and Login issue with Udisk.

UC browser customer service number

If you are facing any issue mentioned above or other issue with your UC browser then you should dial UC browser customer service number for immediate help.

UC browser technical support number

Similarly for any technical issue with UC browser you should dial UC browser technical support number.

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