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Mozilla Firefox is third highest used browsers all over the world, and the number is still counting. It is available for all Windows, Linux, and Mac version of OS that you use daily. Apart from those, it is also available for smartphones using Android OS. It has an army of plugins and add-ons which help you in different needs. Most of the Firefox users are happy and they use it because of the ease and the security it provides. It is open source and this available freely on the internet. The most important features include wonderful download manager, private browsing, location-based browsing and more. We know that you loved it, but it's not like Firefox doesn't have issues. And that's where we come into play. You face one issue, call our Mozilla Firefox Customer Service and we will help you in sorting it out.

Issues of Mozilla Firefox

There are several issues related with Firefox but let us see some of them.

  1. There is some Antivirus software that does obstruct the work of Firefox and thus, it may lead to startup issues.

  2. In most cases new updated add-ons are installed over the older ones but in some cases, you might need to delete the older one first. This would lead to loss of data associated with the older add-on.

  3. There are users who find annoying upgrading messages from the browser when they have already upgraded it. This might be due to mishandling of information.

  4. The Mozilla Company is liable for issues related to the browser but there are instances where people face issues which are related to the plugins. But you need not worry about any of those, whether it is a browser issue or plugin issue. Just call our Mozilla Firefox Customer Service and we will fix every issue as soon as possible.

  5. Every browser faces issues of crashing, this is mainly due to the Operating system or hardware compatibility or even when the hardware is unable to handle large data. You should try to clear cache as well as other data and try again to perform your task.

How to install Firefox on your Iphone7?

Firefox is quite popular web browser. So you should keep it on your Iphone7 also. You can follow below steps to install Firefox on your Iphone7:

  1. Open the App Store on your device and go to the Firefox for iOS page.
  2. Tap on Get.
  3. Then Tap on Install.
  4. When Firefox is finished downloading, the Open button will appear on its App Store page. The Firefox icon will also appear on your home screen.

So this is how you can easily install Firefox on your Iphone7 and use it.

The Iphone just got a new super private Firefox browser

Firebox delighted Iphone users by giving them Firefox focus which is a browser designed to make it simple to traverse the internet in private and block harmful advertisements on your IPhone. There was Government pressure also so Firefox just got a new super private Firefox browser to give IPhone owners more options to maintain their privacy in the face of increased Government pressure. New Firefox browser has no tabs, no menus and no pop-ups, but most crucially it contains, by default, the same ad and content blocking features as Mozilla's previous attempt to encourage privacy on iPhones, just called Focus.

Mozilla Firefox technical support number

When you choose Mozilla Firefox as a product on Firefox support page you see different categories where help is available for users. These categories are Personalise Firefox where how to set up the Firefox the way you want information is available. On Fix Problems category you can get information on Troubleshoot crashes, errors and other issues. On Basic browsing category you can get the information on Get started with the basics. On Install and Update category you have information available on Get the latest version. On Protect your privacy category you have information available on how to stay safe and secure. And then under Sync and Save category you can get the information on how to sync and share between drives. So you can see that Firefox has almost all answers available here on this page about Firefox for users to find it easy to solve their issue. If still you need further assistance then you should dial Mozilla Firefox technical support number.

Mozilla Firefox helpline number

If your problem is not solved by the information available on Firefox support page then dial Mozilla Firefox helpline number for help.

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