Google Chrome Beta customer service

If you want to use new feature of newest Chrome then you should try Google Chrome beta. You can try the newest tools and the better version of Google Chrome. You can download Chrome beta from page. To get started with Google Chrome beta there is enough support on Chromebook help center page.

Google Chrome beta features

With Google Chrome beta you get easy to use, get built in virus protection, can go with long life battery and so on. So features that come up with Google Chrome beta are:

  1. It starts fast and stays fast all the time.
  2. It offers long life of battery.
  3. You can work both online and off line with it.
  4. It is automatically kept up to date so that you have latest in version of in built virus protection.
  5. It has latest features like voice search.
  6. It does not slow down over time.
  7. It stays synced with all your devices which include your Android phone, tablet and every other place where you signed in with your Google Account. This means even if your device is not with you your stuff is always with you where you left off.
  8. With Google chrome beta it is easy to switch between accounts. So you can easily share your stuff.
  9. It also offers best of Google. Gmail, Maps, Docs and Pics which are safely stored in the cloud can be accessed anywhere any time.

Beta Channel update for Chrome OS

If you want to test the latest features of Google Chrome Beta OS then you can do so by switching channels to a more experimental version. To switch channels you need to be the owner of the Chromebook. If you want to see which channel you are using you can click the status area where you see your account picture. Then you have to click “Settings” > About Chrome OS. Now you will see a window “About” which shows your version number and channel. If you want to see upcoming changes with low risk then you should use Beta channel. How can you switch channel? Follow below steps:

  1. You need to sign in to your Chromebook.
  2. Then click the status area where your account picture shows.
  3. Then click Settings> About Chrome OS>More Info.
  4. Next you have to click “Change Channel” button.
  5. Next you can choose a channel from the box that appears next.

How to install Google Chrome Beta?

If you want to install Google Chrome Beta then open your browser on your computer. Then go to Here you will see the link “Download Chrome Beta”. You have to click on this to download Google Chrome Beta. Once downloaded on your computer you can run this and follow instructions to install it on your computer. You have options to download Google Chrome Beat for your personal computer and for Mobile options under “Download” on this page. You can choose accordingly.

Google Chrome Beta Toll Free Number

So if you need help for any issue related to Google Chrome Beta issue then you can dial Google Chrome Beta Toll Free Number 24/7 and get your issue resolved.

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