Edge Browser Customer Service

Edge is one of the newest browser launched by Microsoft with its new Operating System Windows 10. It has a large number of new features and looks completely different from the older Internet Explorer both in looks and in features. While IE had very limited support for newer media, Edge is fully equipped with high-quality support for HTML5 and other media content. Microsoft has a lot of expectations along from the browser. As far as its access is concerned it is not available to all the users, as Windows 10 is quite newer. But, as every browser do have, this browser also have issues and thus, we become important.

Why choose us?

In a time of problems, you need someone expert in solving issues like yours to provide you a nice and easy solution. Let us see why you should choose us.

  • You should choose us because we are available 24/7*365.

  • You should choose our Edge browser customer support because we have the finest engineers for all your technical needs.

  • Our engineers understand an issue better as they are highly certified and can find the root cause of issues in just a matter of seconds and thus can solve them in minutes.

  • Our Edge Browser customer support experts are available anytime irrespective of the location from where you are calling us.

  • Our experts have been passed through a set of rigorous training which means they are able to solve any kind of complex issues.

What issues you might face?

There are several kinds of issues which might get related to the Edge browser from the house of Microsoft, but let us see some of them.

  1. This browser is relatively new in the market and hence there might be issues like compatibility on the Operating Systems in which this browser is not built in. In a similar way, installation and un-installation could also be a big issue.

  2. Once you get the browser installed on your system, it's not that you are done. You need to configure it properly for the optimized use of resources while browsing. But that's a kind of technical issue and guides may not be available on the internet. You can contact our Edge Browser customer support and we will provide you a complete guide to configuring your browser.

  3. Most of the browsers are designed to store some data like bookmarks, passwords, and cookies. But in some cases, these data becomes so large that they start slowing down the browsing speed. So we will get you fix this issues.

  4. In some cases, Antivirus and firewall software interfere with the proper working of browsers. This may lead to unnatural browsing. So, if you face similar issue don't hesitate, just call our Edge browser technical support number and we will help you.

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